Information for Families

Hello Friend,

As Chairman and Founder of Concerned Women for America, my husband and I never dreamed that one day we would become the grandparents of Stephen, a baby boy with Down syndrome. But let me tell you that this experience has proven to be a rich blessing in our lives. We were told of all the negatives of having a child with Down syndrome but nobody told us of the blessings he would bring to our family.

Maybe you've just learned that your unborn child or newborn baby has Down syndrome and you have thought the worst! I want to encourage you that God is going to give you unusual wisdom and patience that will help you and your family grow as you learn to love and direct your child to fulfill his or her greatest potential. What a blessing you have in store for you!

May God be very near to you as you discover the grace and mercy that is available to you through our Lord Jesus Christ.

With love and prayers,

Beverly LaHaye
Founder and Chairman
Concerned Women for America

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